CHD Impacting Our Lives

bedsideThere is no question having a heart baby is a life changing experience.  It is filled with hardships, incredible joy, sadness, miracles, great challenges and so much more. Everyone in the family is affected from the CHD baby themselves to the parents, grandparents, and so many more. 

Everyone’s situation is unique.  I truly feel for every heart family I meet or story I hear.  My view has always been there is a reason for my heart son coming into our lives.  I may never fully understand exactly why, but he has changed me profoundly.  When I look at him I realize how lucky I am to have these moments to share with him.  When I am at his hospital bedside I don’t complain about being there. I am grateful to have him next to me.  I now understand how precious life is and I cherish every moment with all my family that much more.  This is how my heart son has changed me.

In getting to know other heart families I have seen incredible courage and strength.  I have also heard of sadness and resentment.  Please, understand you are not alone.  There is a very strong heart community to support you.  Lean on us.  We want to get you through those tough times.  As many positives as I have received on this journey so far, everyone can have those moments of doubt, fear or even anger. Never let that be your focus.  This heart child is part of your life for a reason.  Embrace and enjoy every moment you have together.

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