We Talk the Talk, Can We Walk the Walk?

5 bucks 2In the CHD community we talk all the time about how we need more research, we need more answers, we need more awareness and we need more funding.  Well funding starts with us. People respond to action. It is up to you and me to show the rest of the world CHD is important and worthy of their support by supporting it ourselves.

There is an estimated 2,000,000 people living with CHD.  Let’s say on average those people with CHD have 3 close friends or family members who really support them.  That’s an additional 6,000,000 people bringing us to 8,000,000 total who would like to see CHD get more funding.  Let’s look inward at our community. If every one of those people went online to their favorite CHD charity and donated $5 we are looking at $40,000,000.  Can you imagine the impact that would have?

I have been saying that I’m going to do it for months now. It’s time I start taking action.  I donated $10 to three CHD charities that’s $5 each from my wife and me.  We live paycheck to paycheck like most families.  However, $30 isn’t going to break us.  I want CHD funding so we can get on the national stage and make a major positive impact for our CHD loved ones.

I’m officially giving you the challenge to donate whatever you can.  The smallest amounts can have a very large impact.  If you can’t donate, ask others to contribute. The reality is most people won’t take action, even though they want to. This is a grassroots challenge.  If we make it viral you will be amazed at the results.  Share this challenge on Facebook, Tweet it out, Text your family and friends.  Put a jar in the lunchroom at your work. Let people know CHD funding is important, especially to you and they will respond.

Will you read this post and nod your head yes, or will you click over to a CHD charity and give what you can? Are you to shy to ask for others to help our cause or are you willing to take a leap of faith and ask others to help the cause.  It all starts with us. #FundCHD


Here are a few CHD charities you can donate to. If you don’t see your charity email me and I’ll add it to the list.

Children’s Heart Foundation


Adult Congenital Heart Association


Saving Tiny Hearts Society


Mended Little Hearts


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