Wish Granted

We try and teach our kids the importance of giving back. It’s the right thing to do. When we hear of a benefit for someone or some charity we try and go to support them.  I never thought my family would ever have a direct benefit, until now.

I was talking with a friend a few months ago about Tommy and he said, “Does he qualify for the Make a Wish Foundation?”  The thought never crossed my mind.  Ten minutes later he had given me an application.  After some small paperwork the doctor said we did qualify and Make a Wish was at my house talking to Tommy about his wish.

Tommy’s is superhero crazy.  He wanders around the house saying, “Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk smash.”  It was clear he should meet the Marvel superheroes.  And I’m incredibly excited to announce we are headed to Orlando for a meet and greet at Universal Studios and Disney World today!

I’ll post pictures on Facebook while we are there for anyone who wants to follow along with our trip.

Getting back to why it is important to give back.  I have since learned my dad used to DJ pro bono for the local chapter of Make A Wish when it was starting up.  His work and the generosity of many others 30 years ago have given my family a chance to take this once in a life time trip together.  And we are incredibly grateful.

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