A 30 week scare

 This week had its share of scares.  Bridget was having stomach pain and cramping all day.  She felt that it was pain that she would normally feel at 36 or 37 weeks but she is only at 30 weeks.  We were debating back and forth if we should bother the doctor about it.  Around 10 pm we finally called the doctor’s answering service to see what we should do.  They were on the fence about treatment because the cramps (contractions) were 30 minutes apart.  They recommended she drink water and lay down, if it continued call back in an hour. 

She did, the cramping got further apart so the doctor wasn’t concerned and recommended she rest and keep monitoring it.  The next day Bridget went to work, the cramping was again intense.  She called her doctor and got an afternoon appointment.

The doctor was very nice and told us this was normal after you have had multiple pregnancies.  He said normally he wouldn’t even need to check her to tell everything is fine but given our child’s heart issues he would check.  Apparently, babies with health issues are known for trying to “get out early.”  We felt much better when the exam affirmed everything is normal.

Bridget and I felt much better after seeing the doctor.  The lesson I want to share is to always trust your instincts.  If something doesn’t feel right, get checked.  It’s much better to sound the false alarm then to stay quiet and have a serious issue get worse.

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