Disneyland Adventures for Kinect Review

Haunted Mansion Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWwHIPa3MZg

Haunted Mansion Clip:

Disneyland Adventures for Xbox Kinect is a big win with my family.  The game is comprised of two types of adventures.  One is where you navigate your way through Disneyland meeting characters like Mickey, Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella.  Upon interacting with a character they may give you a task to complete.  For example, Stitch asks you to find several cheeseburgers placed around the park and bring them back to him.  This is a very enjoyable way to explore the park and see of your favorite characters along the way.  Kids ages 6-11 will find this part especially engaging.

The second type of adventure is to ride attractions throughout the park.  This is made much easier with a handy feature in the game called fast travel.  Fast travel is voice activated and can be used even by those not playing the game.  This is perfect for my family because my 3 year old son and 4 year old daughter can play while I use my voice to fast travel them from attraction to attraction from anywhere in the room.

The attractions are fun filled from flying through Neverland, fighting Zurg with Buzz Lightyear, dancing with all the Disney Princesses, bouncing through the 100 Acre woods with Tiger and many more.  The Kinect uses your body as the controller which means anyone who can mimic movements can participate.  My kids can’t get enough of the game.  The adventures are fun for everyone in the family every time you play.



The game is designed for kids 10 and up.  Mine being much younger are still able to play the adventures very well with a little coaching from time to time.  The one part that frustrated them the most was when something would cross in front of the Kinect sensor and cause them to change avatars.  They would become upset anytime their avatars became a girl for my son or a boy for my daughter.  I quickly learned this could be avoided by setting up a Kinect profile for each of them.  As they grow and their faces change slightly, you will need to update their Kinect profile.

If you have a Kinect system and kids Disneyland Adventures is a must add to your catalog.