Our CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) Baby First Signs

ultrasoundBefore February 3, 2012 I was unaware of what CHD was. It was on that day when we went for what we expected to be a routine ultrasound. We began to realize something was wrong when the ultrasound tech was taking an unusually long time to finish the procedure.

She excused herself to enter our son’s measurements in the computer.  She came back to take another picture.  My wife and I both knew something was wrong. But no one said a word as we waited for some answers.  The doctor on staff came in and also took additional pictures.  When he was finished he told us something was wrong with our baby’s heart.  He wanted to refer us to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) where they could do an echocardiogram and get a more detailed picture.  We tried to press him for some answers, but all he would tell us is they could only see one ventricle. 

He was purposely vague so as to not give us any misinformation.  I can understand his position even though not having information about our baby was extremely hard.  Our appointment at CHOP was four days away.  We were very anxious to get a diagnosis so we would know what is going on with our baby.

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