We Have a Delivery Date


This is prostaglandin. It kept Tommy’s ductus from closing after birth. It allowed him to stabalize until he had his first surgery 5 days later.

We have a delivery date.  On June 28th we plan on having a scheduled C-section.  We will be delivering in CHOP’s special delivery unit.  His growth so far is right on track and we haven’t had any further complications or indications to expect any other problems other than the heart defects we already know about. 

The team at CHOP will put him on a medicine right after he is born to keep a ductus open that will allow blood to flow to his lungs.  It is a duct that is open while babies are in the womb. It starts to close between two hours and two days after birth to allow the Pulmonary Artery to start to do its job of taking blood to the lungs.  In Tommy’s case, and babies like him where the Pulmonary Artery is not set up right to do that task the medicine is critical. It allows the babies to stabilize until they can perform the first operation to insert a shunt which will keep that duct open until he is ready for his second operation around 4-6 months later.

We are really hoping everything goes well and we can take him home around 3 weeks. There are so many complications that can arise. I’m mostly concerned about his ability to feed. It will be a difficult couple of weeks bouncing around from the hospital to home, juggling the responsibilities of wanting to be with him the entire time and not neglecting our other kids. We are lucky our family is planning on watching our oldest two so we can spend as much time with Tommy as possible. We are only about 45 minutes from CHOP but it really gives me a new appreciation for charities like Ronald McDonald House. I feel for parents that have to travel from far away leaving their home, jobs, other children, etc. to get their child the best care possible. We are 6 weeks out. It will be here quick enough and then we can get the process started of remaking his heart.

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